My animals are not my friends… Lemon and Raspberry Macaroons

Oh look I’m back again! Maybe I should just cut my losses and admit that this is just going to be a once every couple of months thing …. So what’s my excuse this time? Well I’m not too sure. I’ve been a bit busy, mainly thinking about all the things I should be doing instead of actually doing them – saving money, going to the gym or doing my washing. Instead I’ve been doing what most twenty somethings enjoy doing which is getting drunk, eating my weight in carbs, complaining about work and the state of my bank balance.

On another note I have actually been super busy with Slinky my 16.3” potential eventer. He had been going so beautifully in his dressage and show jumping lessons and we decided to take him to the Munstead Hunter Trial as his first outing. Now slinky loves cross-country and after a few tantrums in the warmup we were off, surprisingly at a nice steady pace. Now this steady pace didn’t last, not only did he get faster but he also got stronger. None the less he flew round the course. You can’t knock his enthusiasm!

A week later and after investing in some breaks (a Cheltenham gag) we were off to Aston UA at 4.00 AM (the mother was not impressed). After a fairly relaxed but busy dressage warm up, it was time to put him to the test; let’s put it this way, nothing (bar the free walk on a long reign) went to plan, in fact we bunny hopped side wards and left the arena 3 times. I believe mortified would be the word. Fortunately, the judge appeared to take pity on me and I wasn’t eliminated, however the jumping didn’t go much better. We decided to throw all our toys out the pram in the warm up and as his brain exploded for the 20000th time that morning, I thought it was time to head home and admit defeat. Needless to say I don’t really like horses right now, but ya know you can’t have it all! – Looking back maybe an ODE was a bit optimistic this early on, but it looks like I’ll have to take him down a notch until he has learnt how to behave at events.

Twiglet my dachshund puppy has also been very badly behaved recently. Not only has she learnt that if she rams the bedroom doors enough to get in, but she will empty your bin, steal your socks and sniff out any snacks you may be hiding. Now my mum had a big bar of dark chocolate hidden in a bag in her bedroom (emphasis on the had), but this wasn’t enough to stop the pig, and it turns out that she really really likes chocolate. She even left little chocolaty footprints in her path. One vet bill later and we have a very sad puppy, feeling very sorry for herself, after being made to throw up her afternoon snack.

The most innocent of faces

Any way! Following on from my last post, I actually made the lemon and raspberry macaroons (surprising I know) and they were amazing. The lemon trumped the raspberry (mainly because the lemon cream tasted like it was sent from god). I could literally eat it all day. It would actually make a super tasty filling as a two-layer lemon cake. If you really like lemon cake that is. – I do.

The macaroon shells actually turned out pretty well with only a couple of cracks (which I hid at the bottom of the pile). Have I finally cracked the Aga? Maybe. I’d say we now a 60% – 40% success rate, and it’s all down to placing the cooling tray at the top of the hot oven, with one tray of macaron shells just below to get the correct temperature.

If you would like the recipes, just shout 🙂

No cracks! – bit of a proud moment

*This post was written a month or so ago and has just been “remembered”. Slinky is now on box rest and sporting neon coloured bandages, from being kicked in the field. I would now choose a bad dressage test, over box rest any day. *big sad face*


A Quick Hello…

As my first blog post and I feel that a necessary Hello and “welcome to my blog” is in order…

So Hello and Welcome to Stripes and Sausages!

I am a newbie to this blogging business and I haven’t written in over a year so please be kind 🙂 However I like taking photos and documenting the things I do, make and manage to achieve (or not).

The name Stripes and Sausages was originally relating to my beautiful Sausage dog Olive. However since the name popped into my head, she has given us three beautiful puppies, and so now we have Olive and Co.

I am going to try to post something once a week – what about? Well I love food,baking, style and travel, so I’m sure my posts will involve a little bit of them and the adventures of Olive & Co.

Please feel free to follow my shenanigans and enjoy!