Shit just got real.

We are buying a house.

A real house. Bricks and Mortar. With the boyfriend.

Good god. And my mother is jumping for joy after effectively kicking be out the nest – charming.

Not only are we buying a house but we are moving an hour and a half away from our friends. and family. and most importantly, the dogs….. But ya know we all have to get on the ladder and to be honest the earlier the better. Right?

It sounds like I hate the place but it’s actually a really pretty, 1 (soon to be 2) bedroom, tiny period cottage in the middle of Midhurst, complete with a courtyard. Sounds idyllic right? Except one rather large change is that “I HAVE TO LIVE WITH A BOY!” (Monica Gellar, 1999)

So naturally I have been pinteresting like crazy, trying to create some sort of vision of what our first home should be. Now I know it needs more than a lick of paint, Nathan (the boyfriend) on the other hand has created a full plan and budget for an attic and kitchen extension, bathroom and kitchen refit, hardwood floors, fitted wardrobes, new doors and windows, and wood burning fireplace (if im lucky) all to be completed by September 2018!

I may now find part of this blog dedicated to DIY, interior design, conflict of tastes and how not to spend your money!

Any advice is welcome!

Au revoir.



2 thoughts on “Shit just got real.

  1. So exciting!!! We bought our house last year. It has been… interesting living with a boy lol. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!


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