Lets start again…. Almond and Chocolate Macaroons

And so, after starting this blog about 6 months ago and one lonely post later, it has become apparent that I am useless at blogging. However here we are again, during a fairly dull afternoon at work, and having completed my workload for the day by 11am, I now need something to occupy myself. If this even makes it onto the blog I will be super surprised!

My original plan for starting this blog was to document my ‘journey’ on attempting to bake my way through the Ladurée patisserie book. I’ll admit I only made it to the second recipe (chocolate macaroons) when it all went wrong, my macaroons were large, cracked and I had lost my enthusiasm after the first hour. I even attempted to document the process by writing notes which I believe went something like this:

  • I’m so enthusiastic, I love baking, I’m going to be the next Mary Berry and go on a patisserie course in Paris and win bake off
  • This is not going as well as I had planned and is taking much longer than expected – oh well we cannot give up now!
  • This sucks, why are the shells cracking, this isn’t worth it. I hate my life (downs another glass of wine) – I will title this blog post (that will never be published) “The Good, The Bad, The Burnt and The Ugly”.

However, this weekend is mother’s day and my mum loves macaroons- more than wine, Clarins and Jo Malone candles. I’m also already poor (yes 3 days after payday) and macaroons are looking like the cheaper option here…. I know I will regret this.

After almost successfully making almond macaroons and cocking up the chocolate I feel I have potentially (and hopefully) learnt from all my previous mistakes and am feeling optimistic! –I’m going to regret this but right now I don’t care.

Tomorrow lunch time I will attack Waitrose.

TBC…… (hopefully)