A Quick Hello…

As my first blog post and I feel that a necessary Hello and “welcome to my blog” is in order…

So Hello and Welcome to Stripes and Sausages!

I am a newbie to this blogging business and I haven’t written in over a year so please be kind 🙂 However I like taking photos and documenting the things I do, make and manage to achieve (or not).

The name Stripes and Sausages was originally relating to my beautiful Sausage dog Olive. However since the name popped into my head, she has given us three beautiful puppies, and so now we have Olive and Co.

I am going to try to post something once a week – what about? Well I love food,baking, style and travel, so I’m sure my posts will involve a little bit of them and the adventures of Olive & Co.

Please feel free to follow my shenanigans and enjoy!